Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reading Assignment: Dec 16th, "The Dead"

« The Dead » is the last story to appear in Dubliners, James Joyce’s collection of stories about Dublin. You can find the text, annotations and comments in these two websites:

After you read the text, answer the following questions:

This is a story of contrasts. Think about the contrast between the following:

- Gabriel and Michael

- Interior/Exterior (House/countryside, Thoughts/Spoken words)

- Ireland/England (at the time the story takes place Ireland was not an independent country)

- The living/The Dead (Why did Joyce choose this title?)

Think about the style in which the story is written.

- What‘s the point of view in the story? Does it change? And the narrative voice? The style Joyce uses in this story has been called “Free Indirect Speech”, you can find a definition here: Can you find examples in the text?

- Joyce is famous for his use of “epiphanies”: situations where his protagonists come to sudden recognitions that change their view of themselves or their social condition and often create a reversal or change of heart. Can you find any examples in the text?

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