Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Rose for Emily Questionnaire


1.- Reconstruct the time-line of the story. Try to put all the events of the story in order and to provide dates for some of them.

2.- The story takes place in Jefferson, Yoknapatawpha County, in the South, the setting for most of Faulkner’s stories and novels. What is the image of the South portrayed in this story? Think about the contrast between the North and the Old South.

3.- The story is told by “we”. Who do you imagine this narrator (or narrators) to be? Young or old? Male or female? Both? What is their attitude toward Emily? How does that attitude affect Emily?

4.- Consider the story as a detective story. Analyze the different detective story conventions and roles (detective, victim, setting). ‘Whodone’ it? More importantly, why?

5.- Think about the title of the story. What is the rose? Why is it ‘Emily’ and not ‘Miss Emily’?

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